Chairman Message

"On behalf of the board of directors, i would like to thank all of our Clients and Associates for their trust and support, without which, our sucess wouldn't be possible.

I Personally feel that this could only be achieved through a very strong bonding between our employees and customer Vis-a-Vis with the corporate management working in tandem with them to fulfill their wishes and expectations from all corners and in their every dream of success."

In fact we are going to diversify our major thrust area of activities in the following domain of business:

Industrial Paints
Furniture Sector
Garment Sector
Real Estate Business

The focus of sucess in all the business ventures revolves around the basic concept of "Thinking Big" and having positivity of mind in order to achieve the desired results with full commitment and dedication to realize the cherished dream from all the nook and corners of our society and providing mental solace to our people with due respect and forbearance.

B. R. Bhatia

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